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Friday, April 13, 2007

Data is King, for Web 2.0 and Everything Else

Tim O'Reilly says that Web 2.0 is all about controlling data. He's right. Data is king, but it's not just about Web 2.0. Source code, standards, blogging, news, music, video -- control of data is central to all of them. The liberation of data from proprietary controls is the ultimate disruptive force of the Internet Age.

Access to data is what builds (and breaks) empires, whether it's search (Google) or code for operating systems (Microsoft). Access to data on demand -- anywhere, anytime, from any device -- is becoming a reality.

And companies and governments alike are finding it difficult to adapt. Profitable business models are threatened; government control of information is undermined. The Recording Industry of America files lawsuits to stop people downloading music. Turkish courts order national ISPs to block YouTube.

Ultimately, efforts to control digital data will fail. If you can build a digital lock, you can build a digital key. And that's generally good news. Unlocking information unlocks innovation and ideas.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

No Global Warming? Go Tell It to the Mountain

Glaciers are the thermometers of global warming. When they melt on a massive, persistent scale, you know global temperatures are rising. Don't believe panels of scientists or peer reviewed research? Just ask any mountaineer. They are global warming's eyewitnesses.

And according to them, mountain ice is disappearing around the world. Ben Nevis, Britain's highest peak. Switzerland's Mount Matterhorn. Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro. Even Mount Everest. Signs of global warming are unmistakable on all of them, as witnessed by a mountain climbers.

Those famous snows of Kilimanjaro ...

What a difference 7 years makes.

At this point, doubters of global warming are like people who stare at a thermometer, refusing to believe the temperature it registers.

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