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Saturday, March 04, 2006

ODF Gets Organized

If OpenDocument Format ends up as the dominant file format in the world, it won't be by accident. It will be the result of an organized effort to show people that open data formats are an issue of public interest, of national interest. And more people need to hear about it.

A new global alliance of organizations, universities and companies -- the ODF Alliance -- has formed. Its major focus is on government adoption of ODF.

If you have seen this blog, you have heard the arguments in favor of ODF:

* assuring access to public records today and tomorrow

* guaranteeing that you own and control the documents you create (free from interference by any company)

* saving money by allowing you to avoid costly upgrades imposed by companies just so you can keep accessing your documents, and by giving you more software choices.

Cost. Control. Access to public information. Preservation of public records.

Who should care about these issues?

Everybody. Consumers, libraries, local governments, politicians, companies, international relief organizations, the media, schools.

The ODF Alliance will be a global partnership. Members come from all over the world -- Norway, India, U.S., Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Mexico, Germany and Austria. It is open to any organization, company and government.

Give them a visit and see for yourself. Take control over your information.

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