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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pardon the Interruption...

As readers know, I focus my blogging on leading technology issues of the day. Net neutrality. Open standards. e-Government. Open source. These are the nuts and bolts of this blog.

However, I just read a BBC news article that honestly left me stunned and saddened. And I must apologize from the start that one of the few times Africa is blogged here is to report such news. It's from Zimbabwe, a troubled nation if there ever was one.

I wish I was blogging about this photo... and the new opportunities opened for young Zimbabweans by computers and the Internet.

But instead the story is more about this photo... and how these children, in line for food relief, can expect the fullness of their lives to last less than 40 years. They will probably never use a computer or explore the Internet.

It's easy to forget sometimes that we have the luxury of fighting about net neutrality and open source and other tech matters of the day without worrying about our next meal.

1 comment:

Hitomi said...

Amongst countries that are moving forward, there are countries like Zimbabwe that continually is on the downhill.

Shame on the "old man". He should be ashamed of himself.