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Friday, May 12, 2006

R.E.M. -- Losing My Neutrality?

Apparently net neutrality appeals to artists from Athens, Georgia. Add R.E.M. to the list of "lunatics" who support the idea that the Internet should remain open, non-discriminatory and content neutral. The band posted a message on their website asking fans to get behind net neutrality.

Even high-profile "content creators" see the value of ensuring that all content -- from unknown bloggers to multi-platinum rock bands -- should be accessible to consumers on an equal footing. Consumer choices of content should not be dictated or shaped by the companies who own the networks.

The latest industry FUD about net neutrality is here, an artful piece of propoganda funded by cable/telcos that attempts to convince people that net neutrality represents some new, heavy-handed government regulation of the Internet. In reality, net neutrality has been the status quo since Day 1 of the Internet. Nobody controls content. Consummers decide what they want to see on the Internet . . . and all of it loads equally fast. That's net neutrality in action.

For R.E.M., net neutrality should be Automatic for the People.

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