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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

ODF Isn't Just California Dreamin'

It looks like the OpenDocument Format (ODF) is coming to California. A State Assemblyman from San Francisco has tabled a bill that would require all state agencies to create, exchange and preserve public documents using open, XML-based file formats beginning January 1, 2008.

The bill is designed to make sure that open is as open does. It requires open file formats to be:

* interoperable among multiple platforms
* implemented by multiple vendors
* fully published and royalty free
* controlled by an open industry organization

From Massachusetts to Minnesota to California. It looks like ODF is making its own cross-country migration. Go West, young format!

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Rob said...

Wow. Dare I utter the phrase, "manifest destiny"?

Anonymous said...

While I, as a resident, hope for quick passage and that the IT department that actually implements this is able to resist the pressure to pick another XML-based (but not so open) "standard" instead, I say we need to watch closely and parry every thrust that comes from Redmond.