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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blogging Gets a Presidential Endorsement

If the mark of a credible news source is the importance of the people who cite it, blogging just got a big endorsement -- from President Bush. In a speech on Wednesday, Bush cited a pair of Iraqi bloggers to support his argument that the US military surge in Iraq is making progress.

The bloggers are two Iraqi dentists who write an English-language blog, These bloggers, who have met President Bush in the Oval Office, are generally supportive of the US efforts in Iraq. But neither that nor your opinion on the Iraq (civil) war, diminishes the import of this. The President of the United States has cited a blog as a news source.

While some governments use bloggers as scapegoats, blogging has reached the top of the political mountain in the US.

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Anonymous said...

Love that Rip Slyme tune!

Jeff Kaplan said...

Me too, and much of their other stuff.

Donald Axel said...

Get somebody who is supportive of the U.S. military in Iraq ...
Yesss Sir!

Ok, we found some web-loggers, Sir!
Ok - better than nothing.
[Me:] Even if last resort this is interesting.

Jeff Kaplan said...

Exactly. Even if Bush's citation of an Iraqi blogger to prove his strategy is working is a desperate effort, the President of the US citing a blog as a source is newsworthy.