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Friday, March 23, 2007

China: Spam Champion

Wonder where most of your spam is coming from? Asia. According to Semantec, a well-known anti-virus company, 69% of all emails originating from Asia are spam. And China leads the way, generating the most spam in the world by volume.

I don't know if this is accurate, but I do know that almost all of the spam "comments" received on this blog are from IP addresses in China. It seems China is emitting spam at a rate that rivals its CO2 emissions.

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Donald Axel said...

A newly bank account fraud in Denmark with letters to naive netbank customers succeeded luring 220 passwords or so from approx. the thousands of recipients; it was said that it came from Hong Kong but I guess it might originate from persons knowing a lot about Scandinavia and just using a site in Hong Kong for the actual sending.
Do not blame the poor Hong Kong'ers:-)
The Danish bank in question had a spokesman say that it was not that bad, and they considered their quick response to the fraud successful and satisfactory. I think she even said that it was not as expensive as could be feared.

Jeff Kaplan said...


You are right that it can be difficult to know the source of online activity. I do know that the IP addresses of all the spam hitting my blog said China. I would guess that at least some of it did actually come from China.