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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Political Note: Hate vs. Obama

With town halls turned violent and anti-Obama blogs on attack, I feel a need to speak (with evidence courtesy of Google search shown below) ...

The labels used to demonize Barack Obama over the past 18 months have been unrelenting and far more frequent than what has been leveled at any American President in my lifetime.

They include Obama as …

Black militant
Nazi / Hitler
Nazi appeaser
Communist / Stalin
Anarchist and Villain (Joker/Heath Ledger poster)

And these are just the portrayals covered by mainstream media. Others have not received primetime mention (like Obama as Satan).

American Presidents always draw harsh criticism and caricature.

But as shown in this chart of search results associating each of the past 4 presidents with a label, Obama’s association with negative portrayals far exceeds other recent Presidents (even with “Bush” essentially double counted by not distinguishing between the two Bush presidents).

The search structure was:

president + [name] + [label]

When politics and polemics are stripped away, I would suggest that a single fact animates this anti-Obama phenomena … Obama is the first black President of the United States.

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