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Monday, January 23, 2006

Local Governments Go Open

Here is the latest EU FLOSSpols survey reporting on the use of open source software by local governments in the European Union

Open source usage by local governments in the EU:

Spain 97.5%
Austria 96.4%
Italy 95.7%
Germany 89.9%
Sweden 83.6%
Belgium 83.3%
France 76.3%
Netherlands 55.3%
UK 32.1%
Greece 29.7%

Other interesting findings include:

Open source users administer 35% more PCs per IT administrator than non-users – its use appears to reduce administrator workload per PC. More proof of the TCO advantage of open source.

49% of local government authorities knowingly use some open source.

An additional 30% report using open source (such as GNU/Linux, MySQL or Apache) but did not know that these were open source.

Licence fees account for 20% of IT budgets. Half of all respondents find this too high.

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