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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Next Stop for ODF: Asia?

Maybe it was just a lucky guess. Or maybe I was just name dropping. Or maybe I had a psyhic connection created during the year that I lived in Kuala Lumpur. Who knows? But there is new forward motion for the OpenDocument Format (ODF) in Asia. Location: Malaysia.

It seems that Malaysia is not content to boast the world's tallest building. Now it is aiming to be the first country in Asia to endorse ODF.

Hasan Saidin has blogged about an ODF proposal made to the SIRIM, the national standards developing agency appointed by Malaysia's Department of Standards Malaysia.

Today, a meeting of SIRIM's technical committee on e-commerce unanimously approved a "project" to make ODF an official standard in Malaysia, perhaps as soon as end of 2006. This initiative did not appear from nowhere. Malaysia voted "Yes" for ODF to become an ISO standard. Now, it may be headed to official adoption in Malaysia, and a place at the center of Malaysia's national ICT agenda.


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