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Friday, July 21, 2006

Who is the ODF Alliance?

There is no doubt that the ODF Alliance has been a major success since launching less than 5 months ago. As of today, the Alliance lists 274 members from 45 countries plus 1 international organization.

I do not know if a breakdown of membership gives us any clues about the next governments to adopt ODF, but it does present some interesting things. Here are the top 25 countries of origin (and number of ODF Alliance members):

US (54)
France (19)
UK (18)
Germany (14)
Netherlands (14)
Australia (13)
Denmark (10)
Italy (10)
Canada (9)
Czech Rep (9)
Poland (9)
India (7)
China (6)
Switzerland (6)
Hungary (5)
Portugal (5)
Russia (5)
Spain (5)
Ireland (4)
Norway (4)
Sweden (4)
Belgium (3)
Brazil (3)
Mexico (3)
New Zealand (3)
Taiwan (3)

No surprises at the top with the U.S. and European countries dominating the top of the list.

But there a few interesting points. 31 members from Eastern Europe. That is more than Asia which has 26. Only 9 members from Latin America. Africa has only 1 member from South Africa. No South Korea. No Thailand. Only 1 from Japan. Given the strength of Asia in open technologies like open source software, it may be fertile ground for ODF if a greater push is made.

And maybe it will be Eastern Europe that provides the next ODF adopter, as Sam Hiser predicted here.

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